When Is the Best Time to Visit the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida?


Magic Kingdom Park is a huge theme park within the Walt Disney World Resort at Bay Lake, Florida, in close proximity to Orlando, Florida. Owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company via its various Parks, Experiences and Products department, the park officially opened on October 1, 1969. The opening was commemorated with both a grand re-opening of Cinderella’s Castle and an expansion of its existing Express and Poollined Park. This new park featured four themed sections namely the Caribbean section featuring Tomorrowland’s Electrical Railway and its new Downtown Disney area featuring World’s Most Famous Roller coaster and its all new Cars Land.

Taking Advantage of the Magic Kingdom Hours

Throughout the years since its opening the Magic Kingdom has grown to become one of the most visited tourist destinations within the Orlando, Florida region. At this point of time, it boasts one of the most impressive rides in the entire world, The Magic Kingdom’s Cars Land. With over forty-five attractions spread across four themed sections and one hub, Cars Land promises to be the centrepiece of this amazing park. During the peak months of October to March, this park tends to be extremely busy with tourists trying to get access to Cars Land and other key attractions during this busy time.

So what are the best times to visit the Magic Kingdom? Well, based on statistics provided by the Walt Disney World website, both park openings and subsequent closings tend to be very crowded during the evening hours. In fact, on any given day between late September and early December the Magic Kingdom is almost always very busy, especially on the weekends. The average magic kingdom hours change quite frequently based on a number of factors including park opening times, holiday demand and even weather conditions like cloudy or rainy days can affect how many people can get into the park. Typically, the Magic Kingdom closes down around two hours before sunset and reopens around four hours before the sun sets.

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