Hmm well, they say that you have to experience it once … so I’m glad it’s finished. Cannot say that we enjoyed the Vegas experience, despite seeing two extraordinary performances. The whole atmosphere is … um, it’s hard to say in words … weird, tacky, fake, above … it’s just not my kind of place. Part of what makes it unattractive is the mass of people everywhere … I kind of understand why people like it, but I am not one of them !!

But we always come here for shows – the ‘O’ and ‘Cirque du Soleil Tournaments’ and both are fantastic! We were in the ‘Dragon’ section for T of K, so we had to cheer for baddie – the whole interactive experience, from eating medieval food with our hands (which surprisingly Eloise barely ate, despite the constant challenge to make him use cutlery with every other meal!), to the battle between the knights on their horses. Not to spoil the end, but predictably, good wins over evil and our people lose, but not before an epic battle involving horses, dragons, fire … and some open-mouthed children.

Tonight’s performance is very different in tempo and audience participation – visually spectacular and extraordinary – we just don’t know where to look, there’s so much going on. The players use the giant pool in the middle of the stage to spin, dive, over and over again, it’s really amazing to watch.

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Unfortunately, with the evening shows, we had to fill the days somehow so we ventured into the casino for a little look – Circus Circus was fun with arcade games and Eloise and Geoff liked the roller coasters in New York New York. Venice is just weird (but the gelato is as expensive as St Marks, but not as good), The Flamingo is a bit random, but we enjoyed the fountain show at Bellagio. I was less enticed by the $ 2 examination offer from a ‘self-taught gynecologist’ in the corner … unfortunately I had to pass it twice on a very successful shopping mission! At least I managed to inject some serious cash into the economy without a penny through pokie!