Several Services Offered by the Auburn Child Care Centres


The Auburn childcare centre is a full service centre that offers a variety of services to the parents who have children. They offer a complete range of medical services, which include medical, dental, physical therapy, dental, occupational therapy, podiatrist, chiropractor, nutritional counseling, home healthcare, and auburn childcare centre education. They also provide services to the parents and guardians of the children, such as group activities, music lessons, group games, and after school and summer camp programs. For the children, they offer a number of programs such as arts and crafts, dance classes, and swimming sessions.


The centres have a number of branches in the city of Auburn, and the different branches offer a full array of services. For example, there is the South Auburn Infant Library, which is a one-stop solution for the needs of the babies and infants. This library has a number of infant educational books, toys, and programs. There is also the Auburn Hills Central Park School, a private school that is dedicated to providing quality education to children from low income families. There are the Blenheim Public School, which is a fully comprehensive school, and it provides a variety of learning opportunities for students with a range of ability levels.


These centres also provide other after school and summer programs. Some of these programs include beauty therapies, cooking classes, art classes, and computer classes. Apart from this, they also offer a number of health services to the residents of the centre, such as annual physicals, vaccinations, flu shots, and Pap smears. All of these services are offered free of charge. In addition, all of these services are ensured on a consistent basis by the centre’s qualified and experienced professionals.

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