New Zealand Adventure 2020

Sort of. Most of the roads in downtown Auckland were destroyed which made walking or driving a challenge. Instead of taking a walk, I decided to enjoy High Tea. There are various kinds of tea, I chose Elderberry and Apple infusions, four-finger sandwiches; salmon, egg salad, ham & cheese and chicken curry puff. I don’t do curry. There are three mini scones with lumpy cream and various mini cakes. Everything is delicious. I decided to sleep a little before deciding to eat dinner.

Thirteen hours later, at five in the morning, the sleeping beauty that woke up refreshed and ready to leave. But I could not head to the port until around noon. So I headed to the business center to print my luggage label. For Apple users, Microsoft is a real challenge. After being denied access repeatedly, I was finally able to find the Hal website. Then that is the lesson in using a printer. What I found is that I can still think about it. Next is a buffet breakfast with everything I enjoy in the morning and more. Head to the rooftop pool and deck and enjoy watching all the male exercise beans and gaze across the city to the harbor.

A taxi costs $ 25nz and takes forty-five minutes. The pier is no more than four blocks from the hotel. Such is the construction in Auckland. I see more people with daily vests and hard hats than pedestrians.

Arriving at the dock I walked right on the boat. Never has smoother embarkation. Lower my baggage and go to Lido for a good salad and meet a couple who sailed with Mother. Mother is from Salt Lake and the rest is from Arkansas. From what they say, I don’t think they have ever been home. I think I travel a lot but not even close. Same with my dinner friends Rob, Sandy and Bill. This is one of the things I like about sailing, comparing ports, and sharing experiences.

Tomorrow will be our first port, Bay of Islands.