Lille, France

Walking distance from Lille Europe station to Gare Midi is through a new architectural zone that fills the 19C / 20C building on the street with the station.

It was rather noisy at night at our hotel near the station, an establishment named, ironically, Hotel Calm.

Our first surprise attack took us along shopping streets to the Opera where we ordered tickets for a quartet that played early music the following night.

When night fell, there were a large number of armed police, motorcycle police, vans and armored hardware, men and women in riot gear by Beaux Arts Square, we retreated from there beer, dropped off at the bar near the station before leaving again to Assiette du Marché, a magnificent restaurant that was once a mint town in the past at La Rue de la Monnaie

Lunch at a nearby Italian canteen is fun with a self-serve system using a ‘bright plastic pager donut’ that you store until they buzz and light up to let you know that your meal is ready. Because we have a lot of warm salads processed in the pedestrian shopping street: eight in formation each with a machine gun sub …..

We found a Pylones store, an outlet that we are familiar with buying from in Angouleme. Bright colors, luxurious, unique and fun novel designs.

Further a walk around the old city reveals a series of old properties decorated in terracotta and mustard-colored paint painted directly on bricks and sandstone We had an afternoon break at Elizabeth Tea Shop. Earl Gray and Millionaire Shortcake asked local residents to queue at the door.

The to the Opera where the foyer of the upstairs show has just been renovated. Large crystal chandelier. Nymphs on the ceiling are turquoise and pink. The music is well played by the German quartet from Dresden. Cellist doesn’t have spikes. Played, I think, like contemporary instrumentation of violence for music.

We saw a bar opposite the Opera to eat, serve drinks, bistros, and sell lingerie / corsets … ‘le Moulin d ‘Orr’.

So we ended up having dinner at Le Meunier Resto Bar. The waitresses were friendly enough in the large bar which was quite empty. I enjoy chicken in gray onions with linguine.

The price was comparable to our food in the Charente countryside.