Home Inspections Can Be an Important Decision


A Charlotte home inspection is typically a limited, non-intrusive inspection of the state of a property, usually related to the sale of the property. Home inspectors are typically qualified to do such inspections, who have the appropriate training and certifications to do so. It is very important for a buyer to have a good, thorough home inspection report when making a purchase. In North Carolina, a Buyer Inspection or Pre-Certification is a written declaration by the seller that contains a summary of repairs that have been made and whether the repairs meet the requirements of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NASC).

The Best Way To Home Inspections Can Be An Important Decision

It is the job of a Charlotte home inspector to find defects and problems with the property that may affect the safety, health, and quality of life of a person who resides in the property. Some of the issues addressed by a Charlotte home inspector include: structural integrity of the property, roofing system, plumbing, heating system, electrical, air conditioning, and the structural foundation. The Charlotte home inspector also checks the building to determine if it is in compliance with all applicable codes. This can protect the buyer as well as the lending institution. Buyers who feel they have been violated can bring legal action against the offending institution.

There are many advantages to hiring a qualified Charlotte home inspector. The inspector not only inspects for defects but also looks for problems that may arise in the future, such as: fire dangers, mold growth, water damage, and structural integrity of the building. It is important to hire a reliable, honest and reputable Charlotte home inspectors, so that the buyer can rest assured that the property purchased will be safe and will pass safety inspection upon its completion. Many buyers feel more comfortable buying a house after performing an inspection. If you would like to learn more about home inspections or other important services, contact a Charlotte Home Inspector today!

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