Vanhack – apply global talent stream | talent | global talent | town} Located in the town of Kitchener, in the Ontario province, Vanhack is a historic farming village that dates back to the early 1800’s. Today, this town plays host to a large number of events and festivals including a variety of farmer’s markets, arts and crafts shows, musical events, festivals, family gatherings and more! This eclectic community is also home to a very vibrant global talent pipeline.

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In 2021, Sarah Jean Moseley became the first woman to own and manage her own clothing boutique, The Vanhack Lingerie, which sold her brand of fashion accessories throughout Western Canada, including both Ontario and New Brunswick. The success of her business earned her the title of “Queen of Vanhack” and she has since encouraged other women to follow their own dreams and passions by starting their own businesses. There are numerous women, men and children throughout Canada who have been inspired and helped by Moseley’s leadership and determination in opening up their own businesses and pursuing their own personal goals. By using a combination of traditional marketing strategies, global talent streams and creative ideas, Moseley’s businesses have provided a venue for others to follow their own dreams and passions and earn their own living. For anyone who is interested in having their own business or in making a difference in the lives of others, Vanhack – apply global talent stream Canada has everything you need to help you succeed.

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