2019 June

Beautiful Bryce

You know what they say, travel is about learning. I think it’s fair to say that we have all learned something here at Bryce Canyon …

… the girls have learned about patience – nobody tortures Australian children as much as driving miles and miles of pure snow only to be repeatedly told that they cannot go out and play in them because there is no place to attract more .

… we’ve all learned about fatigue – nothing is so aerobically challenging when transporting yourself through thigh-high snow powder at 9,000 feet.

… Geoff has learned about zippered pockets and how they prevent you from losing important things.

… and we’ve all learned a little too much about stress … when you combine items two and three above.

A tip for all travelers – the 3 feet of powdered snow that you just passed for 20 minutes, the isolated national park and the lost car rental key are NOT a good combination for a happy and harmonious family vacation. Also add this ill-fated mix: locked cars, rapidly decreasing cellphone batteries and starving children (whose lunches are in locked cars), and you might begin to understand why I now consume strong G&T.

But as they say in the classic “everything was fine it ended well”, “like finding a car key in the snow field” and “my wife is a bloody legend”, after about an hour searching for our tracks (some of which were about half one meter deep) the cheeky key was found. Father was punished with an embarrassing road combined with about 20 pre-made snowballs, and we all heaved a sigh of relief … an alternative plan for a tow truck, a 50-mile trip to Cedar Springs and a replacement vehicle narrowly avoided. I believe the words “I’ve found them” have never been welcomed so well !!

Back to my original title and what we’re really here for – beautiful Bryce. We are speechless with the beauty of the place, the red rock formations adorned with snow and miles of thick snow in a beautiful pine tree environment … well, before you lose the key … not too pure after that I say !!

We have spent two days enjoying the amazing view and I believe we have truly beaten the children – it seems that hours are wasting time in taking snow from you! Who knows?! This is a fitting farewell to the snowy part of the trip.

The park is almost devoid of visitors and the surrounding cities are completely deserted, but we cannot believe that everyone has lost this place (except…