2018 May

London to Singapore and Woes Dental

Plan for 2020 – London – Singapore – Krabi / Ao-Nang – Ko Lanta – Ko Muk – Ko Lipe – Langkawi – meet Gill back in Singapore – Melaka – KL – Penang – Singapore and home.

It’s time to depart again, after holding on until November to see if I get a job, no, so amuse myself with a LOT by booking flights to Singapore, returning on March 6. The cheapest flight is Royal Brunei, but it is not ready to compromise by putting money into the homophobic economy, and cannot face long stops somewhere in China, BA said, ordering in December, 4 months slower than last year and far more expensive. The price looks OK but now the luggage needs to be added separately, a sneaky trick. The price of their seat selection has also gone up a lot, especially for 2 shared seats on the side, now an additional £ 72 one way!

So the morning of departure began very, very badly, with the inlay flying out of my teeth. There were no numbers (which should say I was in pain but honest) or googling the emergency dentist produced one on Sunday, so I felt quite depressed towards Heathrow with inlay in my handbag and a big hole in my teeth, hoping that I could find someone to saw me in Singapore first before having to return to the airport for 12. Google found three possibilities at the Clarke Quay shopping center, opened at 9, 9.30 and 10. I intend to try it in sequence, hoping they will be able to put it back together. If not, it will be far more complicated and must be done in Thailand. Gulp! I was quite hopeful that they would ask for volunteers to resign due to excess orders so that I could go home and see my dentist myself. No luck like that! I. It should have an emergency dental kit in Boots, which in theory should have let me put it back in a while but won’t use it unless I’m desperate. We leave on time and I have an empty seat next to me, always a bonus. When I got there there was a man next to me, the only one sitting in the entire backside, but he was wearing crutches and in the middle seat, so the flight attendant came and moved him. I am very happy! However, it was the coldest flight I have ever visited. Luckily I ordered an extra blanket. Everyone is wrapped up. I asked for the heat to turn on and they said it was hot but froze. People keep wearing their coats!

I took MRT to the city, even …